The F1-2000 is the 46th single-seater built by Ferrari to contend for the World Drivers' and Constructors' title. The name revives the Ferrari philosophy of the early 1990's when the type of car was combined with the year of construction. Since the F1 authorities have made few changes to this year's regulations, the F1-2000, which was entirely designed and built at Maranello, is an evolution of the car that won the World Constructors' title last year.
In engineering terms, the main innovations are a lower centre of gravity, further aerodynamic refinements and the design of new materials. For its part, the 049 V10 engine is partly derived from last year's 048. However, the engine's centre of gravity has been lowered and its weight reduced in the interests of stability. The periscope-type exhaust pipes have also evolved. The use of new materials, including lubricants and fuels resulting in a reduction of internal friction, have also improved the car's performance and handling. The gearbox is structurally similar to the F399's and features seven sequential speeds plus reverse. The most significant changes have been in weight and dimensions, both of which have been considerably reduced in order to optimise the car's balance and aerodynamic efficiency.