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Origins of the design

As far back as 1978. A very similar electro-hydraulic transmission system to that of today was tested on Gilles Villeneuve's 312 T2 single-seater. Among other aspects this solution enabled the clutch pedal to be eliminated. However, it was tested but never used in a race as Villeneuve preferred not to introduce such an innovative technological variable.

Later it was taken up again and developed further. In 1989 the Ferrari transmission system made its racing debut in the first Grand Prix of the season - in Brazil - on Nigel Mansell's and Gerhard Berger's F1-89. The British driver's car won the race.

One year later Williams adopted a similar system and later all F1 teams equipped their cars with this innovation.

F1 89


Application: form Formula 1 to the F 355

Technology applied to road use

Guidelines for use