La F550 maranello


The driving position

The driving position has been designed to offer every driver maximum comfort in all conditions, in terms of: steering wheel position, seat position, the type and position of pedals. The steering wheel, with a new three-spoke design, has two possible settings - longitudinal and inclination in a 12° angle.

The seat has eight settings, five of which are electrically assisted (squab rake, lombar support, reach, height and seat titling) and three are manual (width of squab shoulders, height and rake of head restraint). The squab has a rapid release for access to the rear luggage shelf. Racing seats are available on request. The pedals are fitted with drilled light alloy racing supports.

Information is displayed on the LCD analogue instrumentation.

The air conditioning unit incorporates a radiation sensor for more accurate cabin temperature regulation.

Function and utilisation

In the best Ferrari tradition, the interior harmonises the functional practicality of the sports car with the lavish array of equipment and the finish of a luxury car.

The contoured facia links the central control, where all the car's instruments are concentrated, with the doors, in two symmetrical curves.

The driver has a cockpit where all the instruments are grouped at the field of vision centre, and the controls, all positioned in front of the gear lever, can be reached easily and instinctively. The passenger has plenty of space at their disposal, and seat adjustment is identical to that of the driver's seat. There is a second airbag in front of the passenger's seat.

Behind the wrap-around seats, whose simple design is enhanced by the quality of the upholstery, there is a large storage shelf, complete with classic leather straps.

The car is equipped with a Sony radio and a CD changer (holding 6 CDs) is located in the boot. The boot is equipped with a tool kit, and provides 6.5 cu. ft. of storage space. The car incorporates an anti-theft system combined with the engine management unit (immobiliser) and activated by a radio frequency signal.


Speed 199 mph
0-60 mph 4.3 s
0-1/4 mile 12.6 s
0-1 mile 30.9 s