Ferrari 355

The Ferrari 355 is innovative by nature and stylish by design. The Ferrari 355 has looks to kill for and performance far beyond that of almost every other automobile. In Ferrari tradition the car is able perform confidently without any sacrifice of comfort.

The design of the GTS shows Ferrari's culture and experience, enriched by active experimentation and research. The result is a car in which engineering and styling meet to create unprecedented overall performance. The F 355 is an innovative car that provides the full excitement of driving a Ferrari, coupled with superb performance from the 109 bhp/litre and close-ratio gearbox.

Convertibles have always filled a special, important place in the hearts of sports car enthusiasts. All Ferrari 355 convertibles were born from the idea of combining sporty engineering with the appeal of open-air driving. The F 355 Spider develops this idea still further: the exceptional performance of the Berlinetta and GTS is enhanced by the ease with which the top can be opened and closed to convert the car.

Facts & Figures

Production Numbers ?
Production Period 1994 - 1999
Chassis Number Range ?
Body Style 2 seater sports coupe
Construction Closed/open 2 seater (Pininfarina design) - steel and aluminium tubular frame
Weight Empty 1450 kg
Body Size W : 1943 mm, H : 1168 mm, L : 4247 mm, Wheelbase : 2449mm, tracks : 1514 mm (F), 1613 mm (R)
Engine Model 90° Light alloy V8
Engine Displacement 3496cc - bore 85.0 mm, stroke 77.0 mm
Compression Ratio 11.0 : 1
Ignition Bosch static electronic - Motronic M2.7 injection
Spark Plugs ?
Cooling ?
Lubrication ?
Clutch ?
Engine Power 375 bhp at 8250 rpm (= 107.2 HP/litre)
Engine Torque 268 lb ft at 6000 rpm (37.0 kgm)
Transmission 6 synchronized gears (Manual or F1-Style)
Reduction Ratios 1st - 3.07, 2nd - 2.16, 3rd - 1.61, 4th - 1.27, 5th - 1.03, 6th - 0.84
Final Drive 4.35 : 1
Fuel Capacity 98 litres
Suspension (Front) Upper & lower A-arms, coil springs, anti roll-bar
Shock Absorbers (Front) Electronically adjustable tubes
Suspension (Rear) Upper & lower A-arms, coil springs, anti roll-bar
Shock Absorbers (Rear) Electronically adjustable tubes
Wheels Speedline, light-alloy, detachable, F : 7.5J x 18, R : 10J x 18
Tyres Pirelli P Zero, F : 225/40 ZR18, R : 265/40 ZR18
Brakes Vented Discs with Vacuum Assist & ABS
Steering Rack and Pinion with Power Assist(steering radius - 11.6 m)
Electrical System ?
Maximum Speed 184 mph / 295 kph
Acceleration (0-30 mph) 2.2 seconds
Acceleration (0-60 mph) 4.7 seconds
Acceleration (0-100 mph) 11.3 seconds

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