Ferrari 612 Scaglietti

The 612 Scaglietti is the perfect combination of the pure performance of a sporty Ferrari berlinetta and a cabin that can seat adult passengers. For the first time ever on a 12 cylinder Ferrari, the construction is all-aluminium (using space frame design for the chassis and bodyshell). The model was built by Ferrari in the Scaglietti workshop dedicated to light alloy technology. The 612 Scaglietti's innovative aluminium structure brings heightened levels of comfort, drivability, and provides the maximum crash protection for the occupants.

The engine is positioned centrally in the rear (set behind the rear axle) and the gears and rear differential in a single block for the maximum recession and lowering the centre of gravity, with evident benefits on the dynamic behaviour of the car. The 12-cylinder 65° V-engine is the fruit of cutting edge Ferrari engine technology.

The body styling, developed in close collaboration with Pininfarina, unites functionality with aesthetics. The harmonious, elegant lines of the bumpers, bonnet, cabin and tail end create a sweeping, sinuous form. The scalloped sides add character and dash. This feature was last seen on the 375 MM that the film director Roberto Rossellini dedicated to actress Ingrid Bergman. The traditional Ferrari air intake has been given a new twist: the bumper has been slightly lowered and the light cluster set longways, a solution that displays their internal arrangement. The tail end is solid and imposing with the classic circular lights set high.

The 612 Scaglietti is the first 12-cylinder Ferrari built entirely in aluminium - both the chassis and body. Cutting edge technology has been used in its production and assembly, allowing the weight to be reduced by 40% while providing extremely rigid torsion. The weight distribution (46% front; 54% rear) has been carefully considered to provide a drive that is true to rear-engined vehicles while maintaining the enjoyment and ease of front engined models. The chassis has a space frame construction. The structural elements are made up of aluminium (aluminium extrusions 38%), united with elements in alloy fused with sand (34%) - used as a closure. Sheet metal (28%) strengthens the whole. The strengthening of the chassis and body also means better passenger safety: the on board safety package far exceeds current international standards and includes many up to the minute crash features.

The 12-cyllinder, 65°V 5748cc engine with its 540 bhp at 7250 rpm delivers a not-insignificant 98 bhp more that the 5443cc unit used on the 456M. The engine has been modified a little compared to that mounted on the 575M Maranello: performance has been tweaked and the fluid dynamics improved. In particular, a new, more permeable suction routing and two air intakes set at the sides of the central opening in the bumper, a new shape and resized exhaust system to reduce counter-pressure that ups the compression ratio to 11.2:1, the optimisation of the fluid dynamics of the internal conduits in the inlet tracts and exhaust porting are some of the main changes. A Bosch Motronic E7 unit looks after the engine’s electronics and provides precise and responsive - yet driver friendly - performance in any road conditions.

The refined and sporty interior recalls the light alloy structure of the 612 Scaglietti and visually emphasises the technological contents. The aluminium fittings, extracted in one piece or from sheet metal, are both a decorative and functional element. Passengers, cocooned in the beautifully handcrafted, upholstered leather seats and interior, can relax in a cabin that exudes racy exclusivity. Life on board is made all the more appealing by the climate control system, the Bose™ digital 6-channel, radio-CD sound system, the automatic headlight on, rain sensors for the wipers and the volumetric alarm. The luggage compartment capacity is greater than that of the 456M, up to 240 litres from 190. The hollow for the space-saving spare wheel can also be used for storage.

The transmission on the 612 Scaglietti, true to its transaxle set-up, features a rear gear groupset and differential in a single block with a 6-speed synchromesh, multi-cone gearbox. As well as the manual version, the 612 Scaglietti is also available with a newly-developed F1A gearshift (the ‘A’ stands for automatic). This sophisticated electro-hydraulic system derives from F1 competition and assures supersmooth gear changes in elevated comfort. The drive dynamics of the 612 Scaglietti is aided by the all-new stability and traction control system (CST) used for the first time on a Ferrari; this is the last word in performance-friendly technology, delivered in complete safety.

Facts & Figures

Production Numbers Still in Production
Production Period 2003 - Present
Chassis Number Range ?
Body Style 2+2 sports coupé
Construction Closed 4 seater (Pininfarina design) - aluminium space frame with aluminium alloy body
Weight Empty 1844 kg (46% front, 54% rear)
Body Size W : 1956 mm, H : 1344 mm, L : 4902 mm, Wheelbase : 2949mm, tracks : 1689 mm (F), 1641 mm (R)
Engine Model 65° Light alloy V12
Engine Displacement 5748cc - bore 89.0 mm, stroke 77.0 mm
Compression Ratio 11.2 : 1
Ignition Bosch Motronic E7
Spark Plugs ?
Cooling ?
Lubrication ?
Clutch ?
Engine Power 540 bhp at 7250 rpm (= 93.9 HP/litre)
Engine Torque 433 lb ft at 5250 rpm (59.9 kgm)
Transmission 6 synchronized gears (Manual or F1-Style)
Reduction Ratios ?
Final Drive ?
Fuel Capacity 108 litres
Suspension (Front) ?
Shock Absorbers (Front) Active damping
Suspension (Rear) ?
Shock Absorbers (Rear) Active damping
Wheels ?
Tyres Pirelli P Zero, F : 245/45 ZR18, R : 285/40 ZR19
Brakes Brembo vented discs with ABS
Steering Rack and Pinion with variable Power Assist
Electrical System ?
Maximum Speed over 196 mph / 315 kph
Acceleration (0-30 mph) ?
Acceleration (0-60 mph) 4.2 seconds
Acceleration (0-100 mph) ?

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